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Be Vocal Shop Local – Patronize Other Local Businesses


There are two economies. There is the US economy and there is the local economy. Every time you spend your money out of our local economy, that money leaves our area never to return. Every time you spend that money within our local economy, that money circulates throughout our community keeping our local economy stronger.


Only 15 cents of every dollar stays in our community when spent at a national chain owned and operated in another state. If that same dollar was spent in a local business, at least 45 cents of that dollar stays in our community. That equals 3 times more money staying in our community.

We would like to showcase your business and provide you with a simple way to connect with potential customers, your fellow locally owned businesses and your neighborhood.

Get Busy Networking

Networking Opportunities:
Looking for a list of organizations, groups, and events to build new business relationships and generate opportunities at the same time?

Networking Opportunities

Free Public Meeting Places:
When scheduling your next face-to-face or one-on-one, choose a locally owned business.
Plus we’ve provided some other great places with a quieter atmosphere.

Free Public Places to Meet